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Work It Wednesday

Over the past several months, I have admittedly struggled most often in the area of exercising/training/getting off my butt. This is not good. I have several events I’m training for, and I haven’t been able to really pick up a lot of momentum. I watch the clock ticking, and still, I struggle.

I attribute this to my mental health. It’s something I’ve constantly struggled with since I was a preteen (and maybe even before). I have really good days, and for this I am thankful. But I also have those really awful days where my brain is fuzzy and I can’t get outside of my own head. I’m walking through a world that often feels muffled and I don’t know why I’m hurting, but I am. It’s something I’m still working through, and thank goodness for modern medicine.

I digress. As I stated in yesterday’s entry, I’ve begun my new workout and nutrition plan this week. I’m following my lists and my charts and my calendars, because some days that’s all that keeps me together. If we didn’t have a lovely April snowstorm on Monday/Tuesday, I think I would have had a little more motivation to head out and pound some pavement. I know it’s really good for me, and my head feels clearer whenever I do. For now, I’ll stick to my IdealPlan videos, because I seem to have enough energy to dig out my ChromeBook and load up YouTube.

And my Minnie-Me provides me with a constant reminder that I can do tough things. She mimics my exercising. She uses my massage roller to roll my back when I’m doing my cool-downs. She makes me strong.

This article arrived in my inbox yesterday evening, and it seemed particularly relevant. I don’t necessarily know what my “wall” is at the moment. Motivation, probably. But good tips all around for anything you might be facing that’s holding you back from running.

Off I go to smash through that wall! Have a wonderful Wednesday.


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