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If I used the words to describe the illness(es?) I’ve had for a month now, I’d have to put a naughty word disclaimer on this post. I’ll try to keep the swears to a minimum.

Finally, I was fed up last week. I was finally starting to feel better last Monday and got out for a good lung-clearing, nighttime run.

Can I just mention that my dog is hilarious? She walked in on me doing silly toes for a warmup, and she just…wasn’t…sure about it. She couldn’t decide if she was horrified or embarrassed for me or if she needed to rescue me from some sort of demonic possession. Ahh, sweet girl.

Anyway, by Wednesday, I was congested and hacking again. I visited my virtual doctor (brilliant invention, btw), and she said it’s likely I am just suffering several concurrent bugs being shared by my generous little preschooler. How lovely.

She did believe that my lungs are pretty worn out from not having a break, so I now have my very first inhaler. It is giving my lungs a few hours of “break-time” where they can do some deep breathing or yoga or something, and I’m hoping this all fades away soonish. I particularly have trouble when going from indoor warm air to outdoor cold air. Since this is something I can’t avoid doing in beautiful Minnesota, it’s something I just have to deal with for now. Makes running the pits, though.

The only way I’ve been able to cheer myself is with usual Christmas nonsense. We put up decorations. We sang carols and listened to Christmas tunes. We trimmed the tree. And it makes me feel so much better in general. My kiddo has inherited my love of all things festive, and it is so fun to share this time of year with her.

The vague-booking in my last post is ready to revealed, and it’s another reason I’m kind of in a funk. I am not participating in the WDW marathon in January. Luckily, my parents and family were incredibly supportive when I told them. I mostly didn’t want to be a disappointment to them, since they are joining us on this trip. But like I said…they are supportive and awesome and amazing, so I mainly just have to cope with disappointing myself yet again. I will move forward, though.

H’okay. That’s all I’ve got the mental faculties to type today. Good things are on the horizon. I just have to get myself there, one step at a time.




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